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The most current and popular YA books available at your Anaheim Public Library.
Girls Made of Snow and Glass
By: Melissa Bashardoust
Set in a dark fairytale landscape, Mina and Lynet are determined to grab what they feel is theirs. One with a heart made of glass and the other made of snow to look like her dead mother, these two intertwine paths that may have been doomed from the start.  
By: Tiffany D. Jackson
According to the media and the detectives, 9-year-old Mary B. Addison killed a baby while she was with her mother. Allegedly. After serving her time in jail, Mary finds a home with Ted and their unborn baby. With the state down her neck about her child, she has to find out what happened years ago. She goes to the one person she distrusts the most: her mother. 
Flame in the Mist
By: Renee Ahdieh
Being the only daughter of a respected samurai, Mariko's only purpose in life is to marry. Despite her  intellect, her father sends her to meet her betrothed, but is ambushed where she narrowly escapes with her life. Impersonating a impoverished boy she sets out for revenge where she finds love, and those who appreciate her for who she is. 
When Dimple Met Rishi
By: Sandhya Menon
The last thing on Dimple's mind is finding a husband especially when she is sent off to a summer web design camp. Rishi on the other hand wants to respect Indian traditional customs and please his parents. So when these two clash this modern-day romance seems to prove love conquers all. 
And I Darken
By Kiersten White
Everyone expects a princess to be a lady. For Lada, it's the complete opposite. She and her brother were taken from their home to be raised in an empire that they despise. Now, Lada is out for vengeance and to claim her birth right. Along the way, she meets someone that can either help her or completely destroy her plan all together. 
By Jennifer Mathieu
Moxie is done with everything. With the football team, sexist dress codes and following the rules. Taking a page from her mother who was a Riot Grrrl, Moxie starts a feminist zine that she distributes anonymously throughout school. A revolution starts to take place, which Moxie couldn't have prepared for. 
The Hate U Give
By Angie Thomas
Starr Carter has to navigate between the  neighborhood she knows and the suburban prep school she attends everyday. Everything comes to a halt when she witnesses her best friend shot and killed by the police, who was unarmed. Starr is the only person who can set the record straight on what happened that night. Starr speaking can change her community as well as her life. 
A Short History of the Girl Next Door
By Jared Reck
Matt Wainwright can't deny his feelings for his best friend Tabby. Even though his basketball skills show on the court, the only place he feels normal is in his English class where he can express himself. Tabby starts dating the all star jock, which breaks Matt's heart, but he's slowly realizing that everything else he holds close is at risk of leaving too. 
They Both Die at the End
By: Adam Silvera
Mateo and Rufus receive some bad news from Death-Cast, that they are going to die. To live out their last day they both turn to an app, the Last Friend. Previously strangers, Mateo and Rufus decide to have one last adventure to experience everything in one single day.