Acts of Kindness

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Acts of kindness are inspirational and often lead to others making another act of kindness. Read stories of kind acts and help make kindness contagious by sharing your story today!

School District Essay Contest
Recently, Anaheim City School District Superintendent Linda Wagner announced a Kindness Essay Contest. Elementary students were asked to write an essay or story about 3 Acts of Kindness that they have done in their school, church, at home, or in the community to make Anaheim a kinder place. Congratulations to the 3 winners: 5th grader Adela Jauregui of Westmont Elementary School, 3rd Grader Miguel Duarte of Horace Mann Elementary School, and 1st Grader Carmen Almendarez of Loara Elementary School.
  1. A Beautiful Thought

    Letter of kindness from a neighbor.

  2. A Cat & a Garage Door

    Neighborly kindness looking for a missing cat and fixing a broken garage door handle.

  3. A Helping Hand

    Give gave money to help a stranger get home.

  4. A Subway Breakfast

    Nothing like a cup of kindness to start your day right.

  5. Above & Beyond

    Michael Marquez participated in a fundraiser called Pennies for Patients and took his kindness to a whole new level.

  6. Act of Kindness at Disneyland!

    Mary showed what good customer service was all about fixing a customers eye glasses.

  7. An Ongoing Act of Kindness

    Rubio's in Anaheim Plaza act of kindness.

  8. Anaheim Employees Care

    Acts of kindness for city employees daily.

  9. Anaheim Organization Feeding Those in Need

    Keeping Wendy Trujillo's dreams alive.

  10. Anaheim Tower West a Helping Hand

    Assistance with a telephone bill and a ride back home.

  11. Angels Sent by God

    Two women volunteering to interpret for the seniors in the program.

  12. Babysitter Kindness

    Volunteering there time to help a family in need.

  13. Birthday Lunch

    A surprise Birthday lunch that ended in 2 new friendships.

  14. Community Involvement & Volunteer Spirit

    Complimentary dental work courtesy of 7 Day Dental and Police providing traffic and crowd control.

  15. Community Kindness

    Teens adding stickers to alcohol products to remind people that it is illegal to provide alcohol to minors.

  16. Compassion for Our Elders

    Woman showing compassion to an elderly women while shopping.

  17. Compassion

    A 3 year old shows compassion to complete strangers.

  18. Dental Kindness

    Act of kindness at the dentist office.

  19. Electrical Kindness

    Coworker brought a smile to others and when she need assistance one coworker went the extra mile.

  20. Elevator Karma

    Megan Anzalone held the elevator door for a coworker.

  21. Essay by Carmen Almendarez

    Carmen Almendarez does 3 acts of kindness to make Anaheim a better place.

  22. Essay by Miguel Duarte

    Read Miguel Duarte 3 ways to be kind.

  23. Family Memories

    The search for the family in the lost family album.

  24. Feeding Teens

    After school treat for the teens attending the Central Library programs.

  25. Generosity

    Third day at work and forgot his wallet and a coworker happy to assist in his time of need.

  26. Helping a Neighbor In a Time of Need

    Teri Vaughn and her neighborly act of kindness.

  27. Helping a Stranded Customer With Infant

    Assistance a women, with a baby, who locked her keys in the car.

  28. Helping Seniors

    Julian Harvey saw seniors in need of assistance and didn't think twice before offering to help.

  29. Helping the Good Deed Doers Get the Word Out

    One way to help get the word out.

  30. Kind Deed For a Disabled Young Man

    Shipping a new pair of 'shoes' to Mexico.

  31. Kindness by Adela Jauregui

    The best way to be kind is to begin, to be part of something, and to be an inspiration.

  32. Kindness Goes Both Ways

    Teaching kindness to kindergartens.

  33. Kindness in the Colony

    Neighbors helping one another through tough times.

  34. Kindness is a Blessing For the Giver

    Assistance someone in need and making a new friend in the process.

  35. Kindness

    Car trouble kindness.

  36. Lunch Bunch Kindness

    Karen Harrell took it upon herself to provide lunch for her office floor.

  37. Lunch

    Del Taco meal card kindness.

  38. Marines at Breakfast

    One act of kindness can lead to another.

  39. Mom Shares Her Talent

    A mother sharing her sewing talent and making children Halloween costumes that would have had to go without.

  40. Neighborhood Kindness

    Neighbors helping neighbors in their time of need.

  41. Parking Kindness

    Placing the shopping charts in the designated area inside of in the handicap parking spot.

  42. Spare Change

    Assisting someone does not always mean giving money.

  43. Spontaneous Kindness

    Good experience at City Hall.

  44. Thoughtfulness Goes A Long Way

    A letter submitted to the Director of Public Works about an employees act of kindness.

  45. Traditions Pure of Heart

    Care on the traditions our parents taught us to help others.

  46. Valentine Cards for CHOC Patients

    Valentine cards for the children at CHOC.

  47. Welcoming a New Employee

    Rebecca offered to take crystal home on her 1st day.