Home Incentives Program Rebates

Make Your Home More Efficient
Buy ENERGY STAR® appliances and receive an incentive rebate.

Home Incentives Financial Savings We'll provide rebates when you make the switch to water- and energy-efficient appliances and cooling equipment, or install approved high-efficiency household conservation measures. You save because ENERGY STAR appliances generally meet higher specifications and require less energy, while providing equal or better performance. You will save from reduced electric and water bills. On average, you can save 10 to 30% on your electric bill.
Incentive amount not to exceed purchase price. Only applicable for purchases after May 1, 2016. Renters: Some measures may require property owner’s approval. *For information on specific minimum requirements, call 714-939-9020. Consult with your accountant to see if tax incentives up to $300 are offered on select home-improvement measures.
Measure Incentive Amount
Installation / Efficiency Criteria
Refrigerator $50 ENERGY STAR Certified*
Dishwasher $50 ENERGY STAR Certified*
Room Air Conditioner
$100 ENERGY STAR Certified*
Central Air Conditioner
$200 per ton
ENERGY STAR Certified*
High Performance Windows
$2 per square foot
ENERGY STAR Certified*
Air Duct Repair
50% of repair costs (up to $300)
Must have central electric heating or cooling.
Ceiling Fan
$40 (maximum 3)
ENERGY STAR Certified*
Whole House Fan
$200 Permanently mounted in attic central air conditioning existing
Attic Fan (Standard Electric)
$60 Permanently mounted on roof or in attic with automatic thermostat
Attic Fan (Solar Powered)
$60 Permanently mounted on roof or in attic
High Efficiency Swimming Pool Pump Motor
$100 Variable speed pool pumps and motors
Environmental Benefits
ENERGY STAR appliances and cooling equipment, along with high-efficiency household conservation measures, can help reduce air pollution, including:
  • Acid rain
  • Climate change
  • Smog
How to Apply
It is easier than ever to apply. Complete your rebate application (PDF), then submit it in accordance with one of the options described in our guidelines.

For more information, call 714-939-9020.

(Program is subject to available funding.)