Task Force Chairman

Thomas A. Turk, Ph.D.
Professor Turk currently serves as an Associate Professor of Management at Chapman University’s Argyros School of Business and Economics. He previously served as the Leather by Chair in Entrepreneurship. Professor Turk joined Chapman University in 1992 after serving for 5 years on the faculty at Texas A&M University. He earned a Ph.D. in Strategic Management from the University of California, Irvine in 1988.

Professor Turk's research on corporate strategy, corporate governance, and executive compensation issues has appeared in leading academic journals, including Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Economic Inquiry, Human Relations, Journal of Management, Journal of High Technology Management, Strategic Management Review, and Journal of Economics and Business. His research on corporate governance, mergers and hostile takeovers has appeared in Corporate Governance and The Management of Corporate Acquisitions, both collections of articles by internationally recognized scholars. His current research focuses on improving resource allocation by applying property rights theory to the internal management of organizations.

Professor Turk lectures widely in executive education programs for both public and private organizations. He frequently consults with businesses on strategic planning, strategic change, and executive compensation issues. He also serves as an expert witness on top executive compensation and business valuation issues. Professor Turk’s current consulting assists firms in reducing bureaucracy and increasing their capacity to take entrepreneurial initiative. 
Thomas A. Turk