Utilities Speakers Bureau

Do you belong to a homeowners association, professional group or other organization that would like to learn more about electric services, water services, or rebates and incentives?

If so, we have a team ready and eager to meet with your group, large or small - and we’ll come to you!

Speaking Topics
Our Speakers Bureau can provide you with information on a variety of subjects, such as:
  • Business Development and Retention - Anaheim Public Utilities works with other departments in the City of Anaheim to attract and retain businesses. Find out about our efficiency programs and how they contribute to attracting high tech companies to the city and the expansion of good paying jobs.
  • Electric Reliability and Rates - Electricity demand increased statewide due in part to population growth and increased computer use. Power supply, however, did not keep pace. Adding a faulty deregulation scheme and soaring natural gas prices created a statewide electric energy crisis California. Find out how this affects Anaheim residents and businesses and what your utility is doing to ensure electric reliability and stable rates.
  • Rebate and Incentive Programs for:
    • Anaheim Commercial and Industrial Businesses - Anaheim businesses are encouraged to apply for energy-saving audits, incentives and rebates. Choose from incentives for:
      • LED exit signs
      • Lighting
      • New air conditioning
      • And others
      Learn about new construction incentives, opportunities to upgrade and save on state-of-the-art technology.
    • Anaheim Residents - Earn incentives and rebates for saving energy. Residents can apply for:
      • Dusk to Dawn Lighting
      • Free Home Utility Checkups
      • Home Appliance Incentives
      • And more
    • There are many income qualified assistance programs available, as well. Learn how you can take advantage of these opportunities for significant savings.
  • Undergrounding of Overhead Power Lines - The Underground Conversion Program was established to place existing overhead power lines underground to improve electric reliability and enhance the city. Learn:
    • How streets are selected for improvement
    • How the program is funded
    • What progress has been made
    • Which projects are slated for the coming year
    You’ll be amazed at the before and after photos!
  • Water Use Efficiency - Learn about water supply, where your water comes from and how you can help save this precious resource. Anaheim Public Utilities offers water-saving programs for residents, businesses and schools.
  • Topic of Your Choice - Does your group have an interest in another topic? We will customize a presentation to suit your needs.
Schedule a Place & Time
We would like to speak with your group1 To schedule a place and time, call 714-765-4226, or email the Speakers Bureau Coordinator.