Red Shirt Fridays

How it Began
Red Shirt Friday was introduced to the community on October 8, 2013 at the City Council Meeting. That evening, at the request of Mayor Pro Tem Gail E. Eastman and Council Member Kring, a Proclamation was issued officially declaring Anaheim’s support for, and pledge to participate in, Red Shirt Friday.

Red Shirt Friday is a small but growing grassroots effort in the United States to honor the service members of the Armed Forces who are actively deployed overseas. It is not affiliated with any political, religious, or private organizations, and exists only as a simple way to show support for service members. To participate, individuals (residents and employees) wear a red shirt every Friday. Red Shirt Friday has been adopted by local governments, community groups, and private businesses across the nation. 
Red Shirt Friday is a powerful and easy way for employees and residents to show their support