Helping a Neighbor In a Time of Need

Teri Vaughn wanted to help a neighborhood family during a difficult time. A family on her street, husband, wife and son, learned that the lady of he house had a rare brain disease. The husband and son were caring for her at home which was an all-consuming effort. The husband came home from work and would make dinner before relieving his son who cared for his mom during the day. This was a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week effort. Teri wanted to help the family and thought a great way to do it would be to have neighbors bring meals to them. She passed a monthly sign up sheet around at neighborhood potlucks and solicited volunteers via the neighborhood email group. After a short hospital stay the first of January 2012 the lady passed away. Now in memory of her neighbor Teri is raising money to have a memorial tree planted in Pearson Park in her neighbors honor. Teri saw a need and wanted to help. She had an idea, sought and received help and support from her friends and neighbors, and made life a little easier for a family going through a very tough time. That's kindness.