Who Governs the Utilities?


The Public Utilities Board has 7 members. All members shall be qualified electors of the City.  Members shall not hold any paid office or employment in the City government. 


The Public Utilities Board is appointed by the City Council and makes recommendations to the City Council concerning the operation of electric, water, and other public utilities under the management of the Public Utilities Department.


  • Make recommendations concerning the establishment of rates, rules, and regulations for the operation of the electrical and water utilities of the City.
  • Make recommendations concerning the acquisition, construction, improvement, extension, enlargement, diminution, or curtailment of all or any part of the electric, water and any other public utilities under the operation and/or management of the Public Utilities Department.
  • Recommend financing, including the issuance of bonds for the electric and water utilities.
  • Review annual budget of the department and make recommendations accordingly.
  • Establish a Public Utilities Hearing Board composed of 3 current members of the Public Utilities Board.
  • Perform other related duties as outlined in the Municipal Code and such additional duties and functions as may be required from time to time by specific action and direction of the City Council.


There is no compensation for being a member of the Public Utilities Board.


Members serve for 2 consecutive 4-year terms and may not concurrently serve on 2 or more City boards and commissions.

Conflict Disclosure

Members are required to complete and file, with the City Clerk, an annual Statement of Economic Interest, Form 700.

Application/Selection Process

Scheduled and unscheduled vacancies are advertised by the City Clerk. Applicants must complete and submit their application to the City Clerk with the Boards and Commission Application Form and mail it to:
200 S Anaheim Boulevard
Suite 217
Anaheim, CA 92805

Applicants will be forwarded to Council for their consideration. At an agendized Council meeting, nominations are made from the Council floor and voted on by Council.


  • Anaheim City Charter §§900
  • Municipal Code §1.04.700-730
  • Ordinance Nos. 3557(§1); 5397(§1)
  • 5774(§24). [5851 and 6066]

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