Anaheim Housing Authority (AHA) Documents

Administrative Plan

The purpose of AHA’s Administrative Plan is to establish policies for carrying out the Section 8 HCV Program in a manner consistent with HUD requirements, and local goals and objectives. The current Administrative Plan was approved by the HA Board of Commissioners April 2017.

For a PDF file of our Administrative Plan >> click here

Public Housing Agency (PHA) Plan

The PHA Plan advises HUD, Section 8 participants, and other members of the public about the PHA’s mission for serving the needs of low-income, very low-income, and extremely low-income families, and the PHA’s plan for addressing those needs.  The Five-Year Plan describes the PHA’s long range goals and objectives for achieving the mission over the subsequent five years.  The Annual Plan provides details about the PHA’s immediate operations, program participants, programs and services, and the PHA’s strategy for addressing operational concerns and residents’ concerns and needs for the upcoming fiscal year.

For a PDF file of the Five-Year PHA Plan >> click here.
For a PDF file of the Annual PHA Plan >> click here.

Utility Allowance Schedule

Federal regulations governing the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Program require that all public housing authorities review their utility allowance schedules annually and make appropriate adjustments when the costs of utilities has increased by 10% or more.  

For the complete allowance schedule >> click here.