Addressing Homelessness

Anaheim and its partners have a comprehensive approach to addressing homelessness with a focus on outreach, providing access to services, support for a year-round shelter and affordable housing, and enforcement through public safety and code enforcement
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City Net

Long Beach-based nonprofit contracted by the city of Anaheim to manage the Anaheim Homeless Collaborative and conduct weekly homeless outreach in the city. City Net helps provide basic necessities for the homeless, such as bus passes, train tickets, gift cards, water, motel vouchers and California identification card fees. City Net also works with Santa Ana, Buena Park, La Habra and Stanton.
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Mercy House Living Centers

Santa Ana-based nonprofit that operates the La Palma Check-In Center at La Palma Park where the homeless can store personal property, provides supportive services and is the contracted operator for the forthcoming year-round homeless shelter in Anaheim.
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Illumination Foundation

Irvine-based nonprofit working with schools to help place families in permanent housing and providing case management, medical care, mental health and workforce services to reduce dependence on community resource.
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Anaheim is the host city and has provided $500,000 in funding for Orange County's first year-round homeless shelter, set to open in mid-2017. As host city, Anaheim will have priority access to the shelter.

  • What: 24,390-square-foot industrial building being converted to a year-round homeless shelter focused on rehousing
  • Location: 1000 N. Kraemer Place, near the Riverside (91) Freeway and Kraemer Boulevard
  • Opening: initial services in mid-2017, full operation in late 2017
  • Beds: 200
  • Average length of stay: 30 days
  • Services: access to medical and mental health services; long-term housing placement; job and life skills training
  • Operator: Mercy House 
Affordable Housing
Through the Anaheim Housing Authority, we work with developers to bring affordable housing to Anaheim, help people find housing and offer rent-assistance vouchers. 

In  2016, Anaheim worked with Jamboree Housing Corp. and Innovative Housing Opportunities Inc. to open Rockwood Apartments. The video (right) is an inspiring story of what Anaheim is doing.
Rockwood video
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