Major Initiatives

The City of Anaheim strives to provide innovative programs and thoughtful investments in our community based on identified needs. We are focused on our mission of providing quality services, first class public safety and fostering beautiful and resilient neighborhoods. The process by which programs and initiatives are implemented in the City is based on principles of good governance. Often times these programs and initiatives are a result of a critical partnership with our residents, businesses and stakeholders working in collaboration with City staff and ultimately the Anaheim City Council.

The graphic on the right provides a snapshot of this governance process in which our residents and stakeholders identify important community needs. Once those needs are identified, City staff works closely with the community to conduct the appropriate research and analysis while always looking to serve the needs of the entire community. Ultimately, City staff provides the Anaheim City Council with a recommendation for their consideration prior to the Council establishing a formal policy direction.


I'm proud to say that Anaheim has been busy over the past few years embarking on a number of new projects that seek to improve our community. This webpage is meant to provide residents with a summary of these initiatives that reflect the City's commitment to the cultivating new and better ways to ensure Anaheim remains a vibrant community for years to come.