Park Capital Improvements

The Community Services Department’s Capital Improvement Section

The Capital Improvement Section of the Community Services Department is responsible for the acquisition, master planning, design & construction of parks and trails. These projects consist of facility improvements & upgrades to existing parks and trails, as well as the development of new park land. The Capital Improvement Section also oversees development of buildings such as gymnasiums and community centers.

Capital improvements are funded by fees paid by private developers who construct new residential projects within the city of Anaheim per the Anaheim Municipal Code section 17.34. In lieu of paying a fee to the City, Developers may dedicate and develop land for parks and recreational facilities. Capital improvement projects are also funded through a variety of federal, state, and local grants.

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Brookhurst Park Playground Improvements


The City is applying for $500,000 in grant funding to Brookhurst Park Playground Project form the Land and Water Conservation Fund grants that provides funding for the acquisition or development of land to create new outdoor recreation opportunities for the health and wellness of Californians. Since 1965, over one thousand parks throughout California have been created or improved with LWCF assistance.

The neighbors surrounding Brookhurst Park attended several community meetings to give input on this project. The community agreed that it is important to keep the moon park theme but that the remaining antiquated playground equipment and failing concrete walks should be replaced and enhanced. There have also been many requests for the development of an inclusive play area that provides a safe and exciting place for children will all disabilities to enjoy.

Barton Park - Master Plan


Tentative Schedule:
Out to bid spring of 2018, begin construction early summer 2018, KaBOOM! playground installation late October 2018.

Julianna Park - Master Plan

Julianna Park

Wagner House - Restoration

8-Wagner House Improvements3

The project entails modernizing buildings and engineering systems, bringing them up
 to code and maintaining the facility’s existing use as a tennis center for the community. The improvements will also focus on accessibility and walk-ability throughout the center.New landscaping is planned to increase water efficient by using drought tolerant plants and removing turf.

La Palma Park - Soccer Area   

Anaheim - La Palma Park soccer fields Concept Plan

>The City of Anaheim is applying for a grant to construct a synthetic turf soccer field on the southwest side of La Palma Park. Other improvements requested by the community include two additional natural turf fields, a play area, a restroom building with community rooms, a perimeter trail with exercise equipment, a multipurpose open air sports arena, an events plaza, and lighting, master plan above.  The city will be pursuing  funding for these additional improvements.

Founder's Park Shade Structure

Founders Park Patio

This project will install a trellis shade structure between the existing carriage house and restroom facility. The trellis will augment the park’s venue space which has been in great demand by our community for weddings and other special events. Other park improvements include the seismic retrofit of the Mother Colony House. 

Pearson Park - Cactus Area Renovation

Boysen Cactus