Construction Notification

Project Limits
Maxwell Dog Park Project
  • 2650 W. Broadway 
Lincoln Park Improvement Project
  • 1535 E. Broadway, Anaheim, CA 92805
Underground District No. 65 Phase 1
  • Royal Oak, Crescent and Cerro Vista Reliability Improvement; and Direct Buried Cable replacement.
Ball Road Rehabilitation Project
  • From West Place to Claremont Street 
Katella Avenue Widening Project
  • Fourth Eastbound Lane Adjacent to the Convention Center to Hotel Way 
Alley Sanitary Sewer Improvements Project 2018-(ASSIP)
  • In the Alley North of Broadway between Walnut Street to Ohio Street and Walnut Street from Broadway to the alley North of Broadway 
Orangewood Avenue Rehabilitation
  • From Harbor Boulevard to Haster Street (Segment 1) and from Haster Street to Lewis Street (Segment 2) 
Underground District No.68 Eucalyptus
  • From Santa Ana Canyon Road to 2000' Southeast
Olive Street 16" Water Main Replacement
  • Olive Street, Commercial Street, and Patt Street
Weir Canyon Road
  • From Serrano Avenue to Parkglen Place
Manchester Electric Line Extension & Electric Reliability Improvement Project FY18/19
  • From West of Ninth Street and East of State College Blvd.
Linda Vista Complex Pump Station Improvement Phase 2
  • Linda Vista Complex  
Riverdale Avenue Rehabilitation
  • From SR-91 Freeway to Lakeview Avenue 
Wanda 12kV Circuit Electric Line Extension Project
  •  Disney Way from Anaheim Blvd to Clementine St and Manchester Ave from Clementine St to 2000' North of Disney Way.
Anaheim Blvd and Ball Road Intersection Improvements
  •  Intersection of Anaheim Blvd and Ball Road
Wagner House Accessibility Improvements
  •  975 S. State College Blvd.
Rehabilitation and Expansion of Lenain Water Treatment Plant
  •  6751 E. Walnut Canyon Road
Underground District No. 50
  • Euclid Street from Broadway south to city limits; Cerritos Avenue from Euclid Street east approximately 1,400 feet
Founder's Park Phase 2 & Mother's Colony House Restoration
  •  400 N. West St.
Gene Autry Way
  • From 200 feet east of Westside Drive to State College Boulevard; State College Boulevard(West Side) from Artisan Court to Gateway Office
Platinum Triangle Electric Line Extension
  • On Katella from 9th St to Haster St; On Haster St from Cerritos Ave to Gene Autry Way; On Gene Autry Way from Haster St to State College Blvd 

  •  Five segments of street surfaces throughout Anaheim. Click link for more info.
From Euclid Street to Alley East of 9th Street
June 2017
  •  Crescent Ave., Loara Ave., and North St.