Project Advertisements

Below is information on projects currently being advertised for bid by the City of Anaheim Department of Public Works. Addenda are added to the information below when they occur.

Bond Forms

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DBE Program

In support of Anaheim's DBE Program, small businesses, minority businesses and businesses certified as DBEs are all encouraged to take advantage of the construction contracting information and support resources available at the links below:
Plans and specs are not available prior to the first advertisement date. For additional information, please call 714-765-5176.


  1. Katella Av. Water Main Replacement
  2. Equipping of Well No. 59
  3. Direct Buried Cable
  4. Ball and Sunkist Street
  5. Oak/Chestnut, Narda/Susanne
  6. Western Ave Pedestrian Signal
  7. Alley Sanitary Sewer Improvement
  8. Master Agreement for Facility Maintenance
  9. Compressed Natural Gas Detection System
  10. Katella Bus Bay Improvements
  11. Cerritos Ave Sidewalk Gap Closure
  12. ARTIC to West Anaheim
  13. Voluntary Seismic Upgrades
  14. South St. Sidewalk Gap Closure
  15. Anaheim Coves Northern Extension Phase II Project
  16. Citywide Sanitary Sewer Improvement (CSSIPP)
  17. Platinum Triangle Electric Line Extension
  18. Rehabilitation and Upgrade
  19. Re-Bid of Founders Park

Katella Avenue Water Main Replacement from Disneyland Drive to Haster Street

Consists of replacing approximately 6,450 linear feet of old cast iron pipes with 12-inch and 16-inch ductile iron and steel pipes

  • Bid Date: April 20, 2017
  • Bid Time: 2:00 p.m. Planetbids
  • Original Bonds to be submitted to the City Clerk’s office by Bid Date and Time.
    200 S Anaheim Boulevard
    2nd Floor
    Anaheim, CA 92805