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The Advisory Committee on Electoral Districts is comprised of five (5) retired Orange County Superior Court judges, appointed by the City Council.

Hon. Edward Wallin, Ret., Chairman
Judge Wallin has extensive experience resolving large, complex cases and specializes in commercial, construction, real estate, employment, insurance, and intellectual property disputes. Justice Wallin is well known for his fair-minded and pragmatic approach to resolving the toughest cases. During his 20 years on the bench, Justice Wallin heard over 1,000 settlement conferences. He has earned a reputation as being even-tempered, fair-minded, and respectful of lawyers and their clients. He includes the parties in the mediation process and works patiently to bring them together.

Hon. Stephen Sundvold, Ret., Vice Chairman
Judge Sundvold has served on a wide variety of case assignments during his distinguished 20-year tenure on the Orange County Superior Court, including on the Court's High Impact Trial team and over eight years on the Court's Complex Civil Panel where he handled hundreds of complex matters involving construction defect, class action, eminent domain, and complex business litigation matters. While on the Superior Court, Judge Sundvold served as a mediator or participated in settlement conferences almost every day. He has earned a reputation for being a fair, hardworking, tireless judge, skilled at managing a heavy caseload of complex matters.

Hon. James Jackman, Ret.
After 20 years of presiding over a diverse array of cases, Judge Jackman retired from Orange County Superior Court in July of 2000. Since then, he has received accolades for his ability to effectively resolve disputes as a Mediator, Arbitrator and Private Judge. Attorneys and parties have enjoyed Judge Jackman's friendly, down-to-earth, patient, kind and caring approach to mediation and arbitration. In mediation, he works incredibly hard and perseveres to assist every party with whom he works by guiding them to reach an expeditious and equitable resolution by means of creative and innovative solutions to the obstacles of settlement. In arbitration, his thorough review of submitted materials, sharp, insightful comprehension of the issues, thoughtfulness and ability to keep things moving while allowing attorneys to present their cases has resulted in his reputation for consistently rendering fair, well-reasoned opinions, pleasing plaintiffs and defendants alike.

Hon. Nancy Wieben Stock, Ret.

Judge Stock served 24 years on the Orange County Superior Court bench, most recently on the Complex Civil Panel. Her time with the Court also included serving as Presiding Judge, Supervising Judge of Family Law, and Presiding Judge of the Superior Court Appellate Division. Prior to her appointment to the bench, Judge Stock worked as a federal prosecutor and in a business litigation firm. Judge Stock is highly regarded among counsel for her skill in handling complex matters, including cases involving multiple parties and requiring coordination between multiple jurisdictions. She has served on the Judicial Council’s Advisory Committee for Financial Accountability and Efficiency in the Judicial Branch and the Elkins Family Law Task Force, as well as having served as a Member of the Integrated Law and Justice Joint Powers Authority for the data sharing among courts and local law enforcement agencies in Orange County. She currently serves as a professional mediator and volunteers with non-profit organizations in North Orange County.

Hon. Thomas Thrasher, Ret.
Judge Thrasher, the recently retired Orange County Superior Court sole designated mediation jurist, combines four decades of judicial and legal experience with his unique ability to bring about the successful resolution of complex, multi-party matters. Judge Thrasher has tried numerous civil cases and in the past three years as mediator for the court, has mediated and settled hundreds more. He has earned a reputation for bringing parties together in extremely difficult situations and getting them to reach consensus.

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