Bowerman Power Facility

Anaheim Public Utilities has teamed up with the County of Orange to open a new green power resource, the Bowerman Power Plant.

Located in Irvine, this landfill-gas-to-energy project will provide Anaheim with 20 megawatts of power, or 6 percent of its energy needs. That's enough to power 23,000 homes a year. Landfill gas is collected from decomposing trash, which is captured and used to generate electricity.
In the past decade, Anaheim has steadily increased its use of green power, which is created from renewable resources and has the benefit of lowering greenhouse gas emissions as compared to traditional fossil fuels. 

Bowerman event
Adding this new resource to the mix will help meet state mandates for renewable energy and move Anaheim closer to achieving its sustainability goals. Anaheim currently receives 25 percent of its power from green resources, and Bowerman will help meet the next milestone of 33 percent by 2020.
A dedication event was held on March 29, 2016, celebrating the achievement of delivering clean energy to Anaheim residents and businesses.