Downtown Anaheim Recycled Water Expansion Project

Pearson Park, Anaheim's premier and oldest park, is now irrigating almost seven acres of the park's property using recycled water. The recycled water is supplied by the Water Recycling Demonstration Facility located next to City Hall, and is stored underground in the Downtown Anaheim Recycled Water Expansion Project. 
The park's signature events and features draw in a high volume of Anaheim families and visitors every year. It is home to various family shows, concerts, movies and year round park features that include water gardens, a ballfield stadium, an aquatic center and an amphitheater. The amphitheater alone can accommodate over 2,000 people, and overall an estimated 106,000 people enjoy the park's events and facilities annually. 

The Water Recycling Demonstration Facility has been instrumental in conserving potable water by using recycled water for irrigation around City Hall, a fill station, and for toilet flushing in Anaheim West Tower
Pearson Park 2
The Downtown Anaheim Recycled Water Expansion project has designed and is constructing a pump system and storage tank. To serve the majority of Pearson Park’s irrigation needs, using recycled water produced from the Water Recycling Demonstration Facility (WRDF). Project also includes installation of approximately 2300 feet of recycled water pipe from WRDF to Pearson Park. 

Pearson Park was selected for this project because of its close proximity to the Recycling Plant and because of its high visibility to the public to promote public awareness.   
Pearson Park
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