Completed Street Lighting Projects

The City of Anaheim has an LED Street Light Replacement Program that focusses on street light reliability improvements and new lighting requests to enhance pedestrian and roadway visibility, and address public safety and security needs within various neighborhoods. 

In 2017, Utilities began accelerating the upgrade of its streetlights with light emitting diodes (LED), which have become an industry standard due to the technology’s efficiency, longevity, and gradual reduction in price. LED streetlights are expected to last twice as long as the older, high-pressure sodium (HPS) streetlights, reducing future maintenance requirements. 

Most new lighting requests are funded through the Utilities Match Funds Program, which was established in 2008 to address the significant backlog of new street light requests. Under this program, Utilities would collaborate with Community Services to address under served communities that need lighting for safety rather than for aesthetic reasons. Neighborhoods receiving new street light installations or upgrades are prioritized based on community input, public safety requests, proximity to heavily used intersections, and interconnection with other major capital projects in the area.

The program consists of:
  • Converting approximately 21,000 streetlights from high-pressure sodium (HPS) to Light Emitting Diode (LED) over 6 years. The program is currently in its third year, and approximately 11,000 streetlights have been upgraded to LEDs.
  • Match Fund street light projects with Community Services to address new street light requests.

Alberta & Ohio, Pioneer, Redondo, and Turquoise Street Lighting Project
In Construction

Under this project, 42 new LED streetlights will be installed along residential streets that lack sufficient roadway lighting. Street lighting requests are coordinated by Neighborhood Services section in the Community Services Department and prioritized based on community feedback, assessed needs by other departments, and qualification for funding.

Oak & Chestnut, Narda & Susanne, and Forest & Boden Street Lighting Project
Project Completed: May 2018

This project resulted in 55 new LED streetlights within these eligible Anaheim neighborhoods that qualified for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding, with match funding from Public Utilities and Community Services departments.