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What You Can Do

Coyotes are a fact of life. They are drawn to cities for easy sources of food, including trash cans and outdoor pet food, which draws smaller animals that coyotes feed on.

But there are easy steps you can take to keep your home, family and pets safe.


Don’t feed coyotes or other wildlife (with some exceptions for feral cats). Feeding wildlife can be a violation of the city’s municipal code and result in fines. Even worse, feeding coyotes leads the animals to associate people with food and lose all fear of humans.


If you encounter a coyote, stand tall, wave your arms and yell. This is what wildlife experts call hazing. If necessary, throw a rock near — not at — the animal. If the coyote doesn’t leave, slowly walk away backward maintaining eye contact.

Walking Dogs

Use a leash that provides good control of your dog — don’t use retractable leashes. When possible, walk your dog with another person. Consider carrying a stick, umbrella or other defensive item. Experts don’t recommend Mace or other self-defense sprays as they can blow back on you. Should you encounter a coyote, pick up your dog if possible or place them behind you. Then stand tall, yell or throw something near the coyote. Don't run — you'll trigger the coyote's predator instinct.

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What We're Doing

Anaheim has adopted a management plan to address coyotes in our neighborhoods.

The plan relies heavily on the only proven, long-term approach to managing coyotes: deterrence. It also allows professional trapping as a last resort.

View our Coyote Management Plan by clicking on the link to the right. 

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