Overt Surveillance Camera System in Anaheim Parks

Overt Surveillance Camera Project

The Anaheim Police Department (APD) patrols the City park system, which includes 57 parks and covers an area of approximately 700 acres. Parks have historically required a significant police response based on calls for service and officers conducting self-initiated activity. In response to requests from members of the public, the APD began working with local community partners in 2014 to research innovative programs in other jurisdictions that helped law enforcement agencies to better monitor and reduce the crime occurring in local parks.

Phase Deployment

The Anaheim Police Department (APD) envisions a three phase process for implementation and growth of the program. In Phase I, the camera system will be installed in Maxwell Park, Twila Reid Park, and Brookhurst Park. A command console will also be established where specially trained staff can monitor video feeds. Individuals monitoring the camera system will have the ability to control cameras remotely to follow events as they occur, initiate one-way audio communication with people in controlled areas.

In Phase 2, Leverage will assess the existing camera network within the City and evaluate the possibility of integrating cameras at other facilities into a coordinated video network. This system could include the integration of existing traffic cameras, as well as cameras located at City Hall, Police facilities, Honda Center, Angel Stadium of Anaheim, City Libraries, and a host of other critical facilities.

In Phase 3, outreach will be made to local business, school districts, and other entities that have a surveillance systems that are not directly monitored by the City to determine if they would like their video feeds accessible to law enforcement personnel. Participation in this collaborative effort will be voluntary and would require each entity to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the City before initiation of the program.

Council Presentation

Deputy Chief Harvey presented information about the overt surveillance camera system in Anaheim parks to the Anaheim City Council on September 13th 2016.

Project Status

The City Council approved the Anaheim Police Department Overt Camera Surveillance Project on September 13, 2016 and since that time staff has been working on the implementation of camera systems in Maxwell Park, Twila Reid Park and Brookhurst Park.

While the original target completion date for all three parks to complete both phases was April 2017, the team encountered unexpected issues related to the park security lighting systems, existing electrical infrastructure, weather, and scheduling conflicts.

The new system go live date is this fall, anticipated September / October 2017.