Know Your Way header 1-7-19

Living in the hills of east Anaheim is great. But it comes with risk from wildfires, earthquakes and hillside runoff.

As we saw with Canyon Fire 2 in 2017, there are times when you'll need to leave your home to safeguard yourself and your family. 

We'll be there to help. Anaheim has a comprehensive evacuation strategy should we need to get people out during a wildfire or other emergency. 

Below, you'll find a detailed map and a fact sheet about how we will move people out.

Now, every emergency is unique. These are general plans that could shift as conditions change. As always, follow directions from police, fire and other city personnel in an actual emergency evacuation. 

We also need you to do your part. We ask everyone in the hills to know their primary evacuation route plus two or three other routes in case roads are closed or conditions change.

But start by looking at our primary evacuations route map and figure out what would be your primary and secondary routes.

Here's a hint: go west! In just about all cases, we'll be looking to evacuate people in a western direction. There are some cases you might go east for a short period but just to get on the freeway to go west.

Learn more below.

East anaheim  evacuation route map