Residential Customers

  1. Advanced Meters

    Smart meters empower you as a consumer to make informed decisions about your resource utilization. Once a smart meter is installed at your home, you’ll no longer need to wait for two months until you receive your next utility bill to start finding ways to reduce your energy and water usage. From your computer, in the comfort of your home, you will be able to access your actual energy consumption in hourly increments.

  2. Apply for New Electric Service

    Residential customers can use this form to apply for new electric service from Anaheim Public Utilities.

  3. Electric Service Resources

    We often are asked about the steps needed to provide electric service to a new home or to install a new meter/service panel for a residential remodel. Customers wonder about temporary power, undergrounding a service line and easements.

  4. Energy Saving House

    Information about what you can do around your house to lower your utility bills.

  5. Energy Saving Tips for Renters

    View the top 10 ways renters can save energy and water. Even if you rent an apartment, townhouse or a home, you can make a big difference when it comes to energy and water savings. These tips will help you be more energy efficient, save money and reduce the risks of global warming.


    Anaheim Public Utilities offers a range of incentives and rebates to encourage Anaheim residents to replace old, inefficient appliances and equipment with energy-efficient, ENERGY STAR-qualified appliances, to save energy and money.

  1. Home Utility Checkup

    Our expert will visit your home and find simple, practical ways to reduce your utility bill by increasing water-and energy-efficiency. You will also receive free energy and water saving devices which may include LED lights, low flow shower-heads, faucet aerators, toilet flappers and hose nozzle shutoffs. And you’ll receive a personalized report on recommended action items and rebates available to you.

  2. How to Read Your Bill

    Review a document that will help you understand how to read your bill.

  3. Medical Lifeline Allowance

    Access a PDF flyer to learn more about the Medical Lifeline Allowance.

  4. Rebates & Incentives

    Anaheim Public Utilities currently offers more than 45 rebates and incentive programs that assist Anaheim businesses, residents and income-qualified customers save water, energy and money.

  5. Ways to Save Energy