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Welcome to Anaheim

Anaheim is a member of Welcoming America, a national network of more than 100 cities striving to better integrate recent arrivals into their communities.

Home to a diverse community of over 357,000 residents, 37%
of Anaheim's population was born outside the United States. With 61% of Anaheim's residents speaking a language other than English at home, 40 languages are spoken in Anaheim.

Citizenship Corner at Central Library

Anaheim Public Library is working with community organizations to provide important information to you about naturalization and the necessary tools to succeed in America. 

Founded to provide new Americans with access to resources
to achieve citizenship, our Citizenship Corner at Central Library offers in-person assistance with community partners, handouts, resources, and study materials.

Additional resources include:

  • Books focusing on naturalization, legal, financial, basic education, ESL (English language learning), employment, and acclimating to American culture
  • Handouts from the USCIS, Social Security Administration, DMV, and City of Anaheim Passport Services

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  1. In-Person Assistance
  2. Library Resources
  3. USCIS Resources
  • Citizenship Corner offers free in-person assistance provided by community organizations
  • We work to provide in-person assistance that will focus on
    areas of citizenship, basic education, ESL (English language learning),
    financial, employment, legal, wellness, and more!
  • Schedule an appointment to meet with a community organization at Central Library’s self-reservation station in the Citizenship Corner or by visiting In-Person Assistance here

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