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Anaheim’s Economic Development Team remains committed to promoting the unique businesses that call Anaheim home. The team is promoting local businesses on social media with the "Bring It Home, Anaheim" to promote online services, deliveries, take-out and more. Connect with Anaheim’s Economic Development Team on LinkedIn or Instagram, @anaheimedt, and read more under Anaheim Marketing Resources to support your local business community.

 Below are some recommended ways to further promote your business.

  • Connect with Anaheim’s Economic Development Team on Instagram and LinkedIn and share your business’s story, services, special takeout deals, drive-thru capabilities, delivery services and more. 
  • Use social media to communicate openly with customers about the status of your operations, protective measures implemented and how customers will be protected when they visit your business.
  • Use this time to introduce your products and services to online customers! If you don’t already have one, create a social media page to drive online customer traffic to your business. Connect with one of our SCORE business mentors today to create an online social media presence. 

Bring It Home, Anaheim

  • Anaheim’s Economic Development Team recently introduced the "Bring It Home, Anaheim" campaign highlighting Anaheim businesses providing delivery and take out services. View all videos to date below.

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