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For your safety, Boysen Park is temporarily closed for soil analysis and potential cleanup. We thank you for your patience and understanding and invite you to enjoy our other Anaheim parks while we work to make Boysen Park better.


Before Boysen became a park, part of the area was actually used as a city trash dump. In 1963, with the dump no longer needed, the site was  converted to a park.

Roosevelt Elementary School, which sits on the northwest side of Boysen Park, recently completed a major rehabilitation project. Routine soil testing during construction showed some samples of lead in some areas of the school site.

After the discovery, the school notified the California Department of Toxic Substances Control, which performed additional testing and notified the city of Anaheim that soil analysis in Boysen Park may be needed out of an abundance of caution.

City staff has been in conversations with the school and the state regarding appropriate steps moving forward.

Why is Boysen Park closed?

Preliminary soil testing in some limited areas of the park has shown samples of lead in the soil.

Out of an abundance of caution, we have temporarily closed Boysen Park to the public while we do further soil analysis throughout the park to determine what level of concern there may be or cleanup, if any, is needed.

In the meantime, we invite you to enjoy nearby Juarez Park, Anaheim Coves or other Anaheim parks. A full list of our parks can be found here.

Note: Based on our initial study, the Anaheim Tennis Center courts remain open because there is no concern in that area.

Should I be concerned?

We do not believe there is any immediate safety concern at Boysen Park. Our decision to temporarily close the park is out of an abundance of caution and for the safety of everyone as we work with our state partners to do further testing.

At this time, we are gathering additional information on the extent of the risk, if any, there may be at Boysen.

We recommend families stay out of the park until we have a more complete picture of the situation and a plan for any necessary cleanup.

We'll provide updates to the community as we get more information.

What are you doing to make Boysen better?

While we never like to close our parks, we’re hoping to take this opportunity to make Boysen better by advancing some previously planned park improvements.

With the park closed, we will begin work sooner on various projects we’ve been planning. More details to come.

Do you still have questions or concerns?

Please give us a call at (714) 765-5155.