Going Green

What is the Green Connection All About?

In 2015, the City Council adopted a Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan, which identifies goals for 2020 and 2030 as a roadmap towards reducing emissions and fostering sustainable initiatives.

The Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan focuses on our power supply portfolio and key sustainability aspects for both water and electric systems.  Specific targets and reductions are established for: greenhouse gas emissions, water use, solar energy production, electric transportation, and energy efficiency.  Here you can trace our progress, see the most recent developments, and discover ways to be a part of the Green Connection.

going green
Man with arm around woman, standing near Solar Panel
Eco City Award
For the second consecutive time, the City of Anaheim received the Eco City Award for being the greenest city in Orange County from the OC chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council. In 2015, Anaheim was selected 1st among 34 Orange County cities. The award was based on providing incentives and assistance in green development, having LEED-certified staff on hand to assist with public education and developing green, city-owned facilities.
As the only city-owned water and electric utility in Orange County, Anaheim Public Utilities is not only committed to purchasing clean, green energy, but has successfully partnered with Anaheim residents and businesses to help them become more energy and water efficient.