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Anaheim Public Utilities will continue to monitor the water supply situation and work with our regional water supply agencies (Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and Orange County Water District) regarding overall supply reliability for Anaheim and the region. 
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DROUGHT UPDATE: State Mandates New Water Conservation Framework Using Reliability Stress Test 

In May 2016, the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) voted to revise the water conservation standards, which required water suppliers to reduce water use by a certain state-mandated percentage. To replace the mandated percentage reductions, the State Water Board introduced a new requirement for local suppliers, including City of Anaheim, to apply a Stress Test and set water-saving targets based on anticipated water shortfalls over the next three years. 

Although California is still in an emergency drought situation, State officials recognize that supply conditions have improved and as a result, drought rules were revised effective from June 2016 through January 2017.

Anaheim Public Utilities completed the Stress Test and submitted the required documents to the State Water Board in June 2016. Under the new regulations, California’s wholesale water agencies are also required to calculate water supplies that they anticipate will be delivered to member agencies. Anaheim Public Utilities relied on calculations performed by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California to determine the available supply of imported water for the Reliability Stress Test calculations. The Stress Test resulted in a zero percent standard for Anaheim. Drought Response FAQ

Self-certification supporting information:

To view the analysis and supporting documentation from the Metropolitan Water District, click here

For more information about the State’s water conservation standards visit www.waterboards.ca.gov