General Plan


State law requires that every city and county adopt a comprehensive, long-term General Plan. A General Plan represents the community’s view of its future and is often referred to as a blueprint for growth and development. As a result, local decision makers oftentimes use the goals and policies of the General Plan as a basis on which to formulate land use decisions. The City's General Plan is considered “comprehensive” since it addresses a multitude of land use-related issues. It is also considered “long-term” since it is designed to provide policy guidance for the next 20 years and beyond. 

General Plan Land Use Map

The General Plan Land Use Map is parcel based and is 24 by 55 inches. The map can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Reader. The file can be printed on a large format printer or can be purchased from the City of Anaheim Planning Department.

Environmental Impact Reports

   EIR No. 330 (General Plan and Zoning Code Update)

   EIR No. 346 (Housing Opportunity Sites Rezoning Project)