Water Capital Projects

  1. La Palma Complex

    La Palma Complex

    This facility serves the residences and businesses of Central and West Anaheim, providing water supply and peak pumping capacity to fight fires and meet maximum day water demands.

  2. Windy Ridge Storage Tank

    Windy Ridge Storage Tank

    The Windy Ridge Water Tank Project has been terminated

  3. Well 59

    Well 59

    A new high-capacity, high-quality water well is being added to the City’s water system, to replace an old existing well and enhance the reliability of the City’s groundwater supply.

  1. Recycled Water Projects

    Recycled Water Projects

    The Utilities is pursuing the expanded use of recycled water in the city to conserve potable water. The proposed projects will make recycled water available for large landscape irrigation and industrial uses to Anaheim water customers..

  2. Recycled Water Fill Station

    Recycled Water Fill Station

    The Recycled Water Fill Station is a part of the Anaheim Public Utilities’ ongoing effort to provide programs and services to help conserve water.

  3. Water Main Replacement

    Water Main Replacement

    As part of an ongoing program of replacing aging infrastructure, an average of approximately 5 miles of pipelines are to be replaced each year in the next 5-year Water Capital Projects. The goal is to increase the pipe replacement to approximately 7 miles, or more, per year.

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