Well 59

Anaheim Public Utilities is underway with another new high-capacity potable water well, Well No. 59, located at an existing well (Well No. 36) site in western part of the city, near the intersection of Cerritos Avenue and 9th Street. 
Well 59
This Project is part of the Anaheim Public Utilities ongoing capital improvement program to rehabilitate and replace aging water infrastructure.The proposed Well No. 59 will replace a 48-year old water production well in central Anaheim with a new high capacity well that will tap into the deep high quality groundwater aquifer. This project will enhance the reliability of the City’s groundwater supply system.
Like other water wells, this project will be done in 2 phases, with the 1st phase consisting of drilling the well and the proper destruction of the existing old shallow well. The 2nd phase includes equipping of the new well with a pump and all associated mechanical and electrical equipment and completing the site work. 

Construction of phase 1 was completed in October 2016. Construction of phase 2 started in summer 2017.  Well is scheduled to be completed by April 2019.

View any related environmental documents, if available.

Project Contact: Dan Setty, DSetty@anaheim.net