Anaheim Fire & Rescue community programs include community events where we provide educational materials and highlight fire operations personnel and apparatus.  Also, school programs where we visit schools with firefighters and teach fire safety, and station tours where you can come to our house to see what we do.  

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  1. Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)

    Anaheim CERT promotes the ongoing training and participation of our volunteer force by providing many educational opportunities to better prepare for and respond to disasters.

  2. Home Safety Visit Program

    Find out how you can sign up for a home safety visit from Anaheim Fire & Rescue.

  3. Paramedic Membership Program

    The Paramedic Membership Program is an official program offered by Anaheim Fire & Rescue, which offsets the cost of emergency medical responses.

  4. Promotion & Graduation

    The page for the 2017 Fire & Rescue Promotion & Graduation ceremony.

  5. RACES

    Thank you for your interest in the Anaheim Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES) program, sponsored by the Anaheim Fire & Rescue's Office of Disaster Preparedness.

  6. Small Hydrocarbon Pick-Up Program

    Read about efficient and effective means of managing and handling certain wastes on public property generated by spills, abandonment and traffic accidents.

  7. Used Oil & Household Hazardous Waste

  8. Wear Your Helmet Like A Pro

    Anaheim Fire & Rescue has developed the Wear Your Helmet Like A Pro initiative to protect Anaheim’s youth from head injuries.

  9. READY, SET, GO!