Helpful Links

  1. Media

    Public Information & Communications

  2. Rebates & Incentives

    Anaheim Public Utilities currently offers more than 45 rebates and incentive programs that assist Anaheim businesses, residents and income-qualified customers save water, energy and money.

  3. RFP - Proposals & Bids

    View Anaheim Public Utilities' requests for proposals, register as a vendor and view news and events.

  1. Utilities Permit Assistant

    The utilities permit assistant service is designed to help you through the permitting process for your residential, commercial or industrial project. Our goal is to reduce the time and cost to obtain your project permits and inspection approvals.

  2. Utilities Records Request

    The City, in accordance with Government Code Section 6256, has ten (10) days to respond to any request for public documents, although every effort will be made to provide a response sooner.