Small Business Energy & Water Direct Install Program

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Learn about our “Direct Install Program” and save energy and water when upgrading with high efficiency equipment.

The Small Business Energy and Water Direct Install Program is designed to meet the needs of small business customers seeking to achieve their energy and water efficiency goals.  As an Anaheim small business customer, our Direct Install (DI) Program can help you better manage your utility costs.  This program offers multiple energy and water efficiency measures including: LED lighting upgrades, lighting controls, refrigeration upgrades, HVAC tune-ups, programmable/smart thermostats, water efficient toilets/urinals, aerators, and many more.  

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Program Benefits 

Our energy specialists are certified professionals who will provide clarity regarding the program requirements, as well as insight into how to improve your facility’s energy and water efficiency. A free program energy survey will provide energy conservation recommendations to identify outdated technology and assist you in implementing new technology to achieve energy and water savings. The installation of efficient equipment typically results in longer equipment life, better performance, and most importantly reduced operating costs.  Customers can receive up to the program allowance of $2,000 for energy measures and $500 for water measures. 

How the Program Works 

  • Call us at (714) 765-4124 to confirm eligibility for the Small Business Energy and Water Direct Install Program.
  • Qualified customers will receive a complimentary energy survey performed by a designated energy specialist which will include: 
    • Recommend energy and water efficiency products intended to achieve cost savings 
    • Identify estimated annual energy and water savings per project 
    • Explain the best turnkey solution to implement the recommended measures
    • Provide a full explanation of the customer’s financial responsibilities prior to installation 
    • Authorize the installation of measures and set the best time to start your new energy efficiency project once the final decision is made 
  • Your final project will be subject to a post-installation inspection
  • Program limits and restrictions do apply
  • Funding is available on a first-come, first-served basis