Underground Conversion

Underground Conversion Program improves reliability of the electric grid, while also enhancing the overall visibility along the City’s major roadways by removing overhead power, phone and cable TV lines.

Current Underground Projects:

Funding for Anaheim’s underground facilities is provided through a 4–percent surcharge on electric bills, while phone and cable TV companies pay for undergrounding their facilities.

Underground Conversion Projects – The most current map of the City of Anaheim containing active, completed, planned and future underground conversion projects throughout the City. 

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Current Underground Conversion 5-Year Plan -  Annually updated for City Council's approval, the 5-Year Plan provides an overview of underground conversion projects over the next five years at various stages of design, construction or planning .  

Home Undergrounding (HUG) Program – This program offers a financial incentive to homeowners who want to underground the overhead service wires that run from their rear property pole to their electric meter panel.  

Electric Rule 20Replacement of Overhead with Underground Distribution and Transmission Facilities up to 69kV.
History In 1990, the City Council established the Underground Conversion Program to improve reliability of the electric system that delivers power to residents and businesses. The Program also enhances the overall visibility along the City’s major roadways by removing overhead power, phone and cable TV lines.  New street lights are installed as part of undergrounding projects.