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Posted on: March 19, 2018

Yes, Anaheim has a flag, and we need your help redesigning it

Our Next Flag

ANAHEIM, Calif. (March 19, 2018) — Anaheim is redesigning our city flag and you can help.Anaheim flag

From now through April 20, we’re seeking designs from residents and those who work in Anaheim as part of the Our Next Flag program.

“A good city flag inspires and unites a community,” said Mayor Tom Tait, who requested the flag program and will be part of a three-person City Council subcommittee that will look at submitted designs. “With the community’s help, our next flag will be a source of civic pride for everyone in Anaheim.”

Our current flag was adopted in 1967 to fly at what’s today Angel Stadium of Anaheim as well as the Anaheim Convention Center, which both opened that year.

Our flag’s creation was more out of necessity than inspiration. In fact, Anaheim’s flag has taken some good-natured ribbing for its use of our city seal and lettering — both party fouls when it comes to good flag design.

So if you’d like your design to be considered, follow the five basics of good flag design:

  • Keep it simple
  • Use meaningful symbolism
  • Use two to three basic colors
  • No lettering or seals
  • Be distinctive or relate to other good flags

You can find out more about good flag design at You’ll also find a TED Talk video on city flags with a lot of great tips on designing a good flag. (Watch for some unceremonious calling out of Anaheim’s current flag!).

You also can submit your flag design at the website. You can submit more than one if you have multiple good designs.

Finalist designs will be selected by us for presentation to a subcommittee of our City Council made up of Mayor Tait, and Council Members Denise Barnes and Stephen Faessel. Subcommittee members then will select a finalist for consideration by our entire City Council.

There’s no guarantee your design will be considered or selected, but if you’ve got a good design we want to see it! Just maybe, your flag design could be the one that represents Anaheim for years to come.

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