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Posted on: December 28, 2018

100-plus transitioned from homelessness at Maxwell, La Palma Parks, elsewhere

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ANAHEIM, Calif. (Dec. 28, 2018) — More than 100 people have moved to an emergency homeless shelter from Maxwell and La Palma parks, a west Anaheim street corner and elsewhere, while the parks and other spaces have been cleared, cleaned and restored.

Social workers from nonprofit partners along with Anaheim Police, Anaheim Public Works, Code Enforcement, Anaheim Fire & Rescue and others helped transition people frLPom the parks, the corner of Magnolia Street and La Palma Avenue and other places on Dec. 20, 21 and 22.

As of Dec. 28, the Anaheim interim emergency shelter that opened Dec. 20 is now home to 128 people who previously were living outdoors amid colder weather and other risks.

Outreach to homeless encampments and moves to the shelter continue on an ongoing basis.

The shelter, at 2040 S. State College Blvd., is a safe, warm and inviting alternative for those living on the streets, in parks and other public spaces in Anaheim.

Operated by Orange-based nonprofit partner Illumination Foundation, the shelter is a first step out of homelessness with case management, counseling, job assistance and other ongoing services.

Features include:

Family living space with room for up to four families before they move to other accommodationsLP2

  • Men’s living space
  • Women’s living space
  • All single beds with individual nightstands
  • Transportation service
  • Personal storage space
  • Dining area, kitchen
  • Pets, outdoor dog run
  • Covered outdoor spaceMax
  • Lounge area with TV
  • Wireless internet
  • Inspirational murals

The shelter is expected to operate for about 90 days, closing once two temporary shelters in the works open in late January and February.

The interim emergency shelter is the result of a public-private partnership with the business community to benefit the homeless and Anaheim’s neighborhoods.

Major Anaheim businesses have committed $350,000 in funding for the shelter plus donations of furniture, building materials and services.

The donations from the business community will help offset the use of city resources for the Max4shelter construction and operation.

The city of Anaheim has provided up to $1.4 million for buildout of the shelter and its operation by Illumination Foundation.

Anaheim also is partnering with Illumination Foundation on the planned 101-bed shelter at 3035 E. La Mesa St. in an industrial part of east Anaheim that is set to open by February.

Some furnishings and other resources from the State College site will transfer over to the La Mesa site.

The La Mesa site is one of two facilities that will provide a total of 325 shelter beds for those living in homelessness in Anaheim.

The other site, in an industrial section of central Anaheim, is in partnership with the Salvation Army. The 224-bed shelter at 1340 S. Lewis St. is set to come online in January.

All of Anaheim’s shelter sites will include extensive operational and security oversight to ensure they are good neighbors.

Anaheim Police will oversee security planning and conduct regular patrols of the sites, supplemented by onsite security and rules barring loitering, walk-ups and drop-offs.

You can learn more about the shelters at

To learn more about all we are doing to address homelessness, visit

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