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Posted on: November 13, 2019

Mayor Sidhu: Anaheim addresses continuing homelessness, leads on jobs, housing, senior aid


Anaheim Mayor Harry Sidhu writes in today's Orange County Register that the city continues to address lingering homelessness in parks and on our streets while leading on long-term solutions such as jobs, affordable housing and rent-assistance help for seniors.

Since opening a temporary emergency shelter in late 2018 and two ongoing shelters in early 2019, Anaheim has helped more than 300 people off our city streets in the past year. Yet, while nowhere the crisis levels of 2018, Anaheim continues to see homelessness in our parks, on our streets and around our businesses.

Mayor Sidhu recently convened a city ad hoc shelter meeting to address continued homelessness in Anaheim by looking at additional beds at our existing shelters or even another shelter on an interim, emergency basis.

Meanwhile, Anaheim continues to lead Orange County in addressing homelessness with ongoing, long-term actions that address underlying problems:

  • Jobs: Nearly 200 people seeking to overcome homelessness and other hurdles have found work through Anaheim's partnership with Chrysalis, a job-training and employment nonprofit.
  • Community service: More than 750 people have taken part in Better Way Anaheim, a community volunteer program that works with our shelters and nonprofits to provide experience, confidence and pride for those seeking to get back to work.
  • Affordable housing: In the next two years, Anaheim will see three additional affordable apartment communities open, adding to the 13 we already have. These projects are part of Anaheim's larger affordable housing effort, which includes more than $70 million in annual rent assistance to help families, veterans, seniors and those with special needs afford to live here.
  • Senior aid: In October, Anaheim's City Council approved a groundbreaking Senior Safety Net Pilot Program with $645,000 in funding to help seniors stay in their homes. The program, which provides short- and longer-term rent help as well as counseling, is set to start in early 2020.

You can read Mayor Sidhu's Orange County Register commentary here.

If you are unable to access it, you can also find it here.


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