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Posted on: May 5, 2020

Tracking coronavirus: Anaheim City Council allocates added funding for renters, community

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ANAHEIM, Calif. (May 5, 2020) — The Anaheim City Council on Tuesday allocated an added $1 million for nonprofits serving residents in need and directed $3 million in assistance to help struggling renters as part of the Anaheim Community and Economic Recovery Plan.

The funding is part of $8 million approved under the plan for community relief efforts to help seniors, family and youth as well as those living in homelessness as needed.

The newly directed funding comes after Anaheim obtained state and federal grant funding to pay for some efforts under the original plan, allowing the City Council to reallocate additional money to nonprofits and to fund rent assistance.

The Anaheim Community and Economic Recovery Plan, proposed by Mayor Harry Sidhu and approved by the Council on March 26, also called for $7 million to support businesses and tourism.

The nonprofit Anaheim Community Foundation, which makes grants to other nonprofits, has already distributed $1.4 million of its original $2 million allocation to local groups providing help to seniors, families and others.         

Help has included groceries and meals, support services and diapers, toilet paper and other household needs for seniors and families, as well as hand sanitizer and hygiene kits, bus passes and motel vouchers for those recovering from homelessness.

“I have seen firsthand the great work that is being done,” said Mayor Harry Sidhu. “Even as recovery is expected to begin soon, we know the need in our community will still be great for some time to come.”

The added $1 million for the Anaheim Community Foundation will fund additional help for Anaheim residents impacted by the coronavirus crisis.

The $3 million allocation for rent assistance will help the city create a new program to offer grants to residents who are struggling to pay rent payments deferred under the city’s Eviction Protection Program, once it expires on May 31.

Anaheim’s eviction moratorium prohibits landlords from evicting tenants due to inability to pay because of impacts related to coronavirus. To protect landlords who are also struggling during the crisis, the moratorium requires tenants to pay back deferred rent within 120 days after the protection expires.

The rental assistance program would help renters, particularly workers who have lost income from the crisis, pay back rent.

Anaheim estimates that the program will help more than 500 households with up to three months of rental assistance.

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