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Posted on: May 18, 2017

Anaheim's budget: get involved

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ANAHEIM, Calif. (May 18, 2017) — It’s budget time in Anaheim!

We are preparing the city budget for Fiscal Year 2017-2018, which covers the 12 months through June 2018. And we need your help.

There are several community meetings and City Council workshops where residents can get involved, along with online tools to help you understand the budget better and even try your hand at balancing it.

Building the budget is one of the most important things we do as a city every year, because it sets spending priorities for programs and services.

What’s in Anaheim’s budget?

• 600 police officers and firefighters who respond in our time of need.

• 57 parks where kids play sports, families celebrate birthdays and music lovers enjoy concerts.

• Ten community centers providing recreation, classes, homework help and assistance finding a job.

• Eight libraries that help kids learn and serve as meeting places for the community.

• Our electric and water utility, which provides service to 120,000 households, nearly 20,000 businesses and 25 million annual visitors.

• Road improvements including new pavement, slurry, sidewalks and pothole repair.

There’s a lot more in Anaheim’s budget. But you get the picture: Anaheim’s budget makes your city what it is!

Visit our website at to find a community meeting near you and see a schedule of outreach opportunities or events where you can participate.

If you can't attend a meeting, you can share your thoughts on the budget on that page or by emailing us at