Engineering Services


City Hall, 2nd floor



Link: Engineering Services Page

Name Title Email Phone
Castellanos, Carlos City Engineer (714) 765-5176

Engineering - Subdivisions/Development Services 

Name Title Email Phone
Garcia, Raul Development Services Manager 714-765-5255
Eskander, Mike Principal Civil Engineer 714-765-4414
Linker, Keith Principal Civil Engineer 714-765-4141
Pickett, Ron Real Property Analyst 714-765-5186
Saldana, Randy Real Property Specialist II 714-765-5100 ext: 5474
Azarhoosh, Shawn Associate Engineer 714-765-5054
Garcia, Edgar Associate Engineer 714-765-4953
Pauna, Adrian Assistant Engineer 714-765-5100 ext: 5816
Rios, Esperanza Assistant Engineer 714-765-5100 ext: 5886

Engineering - Design Services 

Name Title Email Phone
Mori, David Design Services Manager 714-765-5148
Carrillo, Cesar Principal Civil Engineer 714-765-5175
Chu, Khanh Principal Civil Engineer 714-765-5259
Yazdani , Ellie Principal Civil Engineer 714-765-4530
Miako, Kevin Associate Engineer 714-765-5100 ext: 5807
Rosu, Tiberius Senior Civil Engineer 714-765-4113
Gutierrez, Jimson Associate Engineer 714-765-5251
Jarcia, Rowena Associate Engineer 714-765-4913
Garcia, Richard Real Property Analyst 714-765-4433
Thiem, Jason Associate Engineer 714-765-5100 ext. 5473
Contreras, Rafael Associate Engineer 714-765-5100 ext. 5818

Engineering - Records 

Name Title Email Phone
Hurtado-Ruiz, Tish Permit and Records Manager 714-765-5179
Cobo, Zeke Permit Technician 714-765-4431
Reynoso, Millie Permit Technician 714-765-4432
Luna, Vivian Permit Technician 714-765-5100 ext. 5814
Gonzalez, Ricardo Permit Technician 714-765-5100 ext: 5420
Merida, Brenda Principal Office Specialist 714-765-5463
Lopez, Jose Records Clerk 714-765-5100 ext: 5811

Engineering - Traffic and Transportation 



Link: Traffic and Transportation Page

Name Title Email Phone
Lai, Jamie Traffic & Transportation Manager 714-765-5049
Cobian, Rafael Principal Traffic Engineer 714-765-4991
Johnson, Linda Principal Planner 714-765-4957
Thai, John Principal Traffic Engineer 714-765-5202
Keely, Jane Associate Engineer 714-765-5202
Kennedy, David Associate Transportation Planner 714-765-5183
Le, Quang Associate Engineer 714-765-4526
Nguyen, Kathy Associate Engineer 714-765-4439
Park, Doug Associate Engineer 714-765-4990
Breusing, Curt Assistant Engineer 714-765-5183
Blake, Cynthia Principal Engineering Aide 714-765-5183
Swanson, Jeff Traffic Signal Technician III 714-765-6913
Welty, Dennis Traffic Signal Technician III 714-765-6914
Rice, Casey Traffic Signal Technician II 714-765-6912
Garcia, Adolfo "Bob" Traffic Signal Technician II 714-765-6909
Tamplin, James Traffic Signal Technician II 714-765-6937
Foltz, Kevin Traffic Signal Technician II 714-765-6972