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Library Account Application

  1. If you are 14 years or older and do not already have an account with the Anaheim Public Library, you may apply for an account online. Once you complete and submit this form, a unique number will be emailed to you. This will provide you with access to many of the Library’s electronic reference resources 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This access number will also enable you to use computer workstations at any Anaheim Library.

    Occasionally an email provider may block our reply to your application. If you have not received your access number within 2 business days, please check your spam folder or contact the library at 714-765-1880 and ask for the person who processes online applications.

    If you also want to request or borrow library materials, bring your access number, along with a picture ID and something that shows your current address, to your most convenient Anaheim Public Library branch. Your number will be exchanged for a library borrowing card and you can begin requesting and borrowing library materials right away!

    Please note that information you enter on this form is not encrypted. If you prefer not to provide personal information over the internet, please visit your nearest Anaheim Public Library and fill out a printed application.

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  3. Thank you for applying online. We look forward to meeting your information needs.

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