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Scholarship Application for High School Seniors

  1. Provide the names of the post-secondary institutions to which you have applied or have been accepted.

  2. Essay (300-500 words)

    Anaheim Public Utilities is working to become a smart and sustainable city by:  

    • Educating our community and providing rebates to encourage conservation  

    • Investing in more renewable energy  

    • Developing drought-proof recycled water supplies for outdoor irrigation  

    • Encouraging schools to highlight their sustainable campuses through an annual awards program and 

    • Hosting the regional OC Green Expo to promote a sustainable lifestyle and test drive zero emission vehicles  

    Essay Question: 

    As a local student, what ideas do you have to supplement Anaheim Public Utilities' existing sustainable programs, or to establish new initiatives to continue to make Anaheim a clean, green community? 

  3. I am currently a high school senior residing in Anaheim.*

  4. I plan to attend a two-year or four-year accredited post-secondary institution in the upcoming academic year.*

  5. I am not an employee of the City of Anaheim or a dependent of a City of Anaheim employee.*

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