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ANAHEIM CITY COUNCIL ADOPTS BALANCED BUDGET FOR FISCAL YEAR 2014/15 More than $316 million invested in the community; additional service enhancements included
ANAHEIM, CA - (June 18, 2014) -

The Anaheim City Council unanimously approved the City’s $1.6 billion budget for fiscal year 2014/15, and it represents a diverse plan that provides for innovative programs and thoughtful investments in our neighborhoods. With the approval of the budget, the City remains committed to the community with a focus on strengthening public safety, improving neighborhoods and community infrastructure, and fostering economic growth.


The City Council committed to a community investment of more than $316 million for new or improved parks and community centers, continuing street and transportation improvements, and utility system upgrades. The FY 2014/15 approved budget, including service enhancements, represents an increase of 3.7% from the previous year.


Based on the five-year plan, the City will include an additional $2.9 million in public safety and neighborhood service enhancements on an ongoing basis.  These include staffing increases for Police, Fire, Community Services, Planning and City Attorney that will directly benefit the community with improved response, program enhancements and neighborhood support.  Additionally, the City added $3 million in one-time projects and purchases to benefit both neighborhood services and public safety, funded by additional revenue in the current year primarily from increased transient occupancy tax  (TO) and sales tax.


The FY 2014/15 budget represents four areas of community support and service:


  • Keeping Us Safe

  • Providing the Necessities

  • Ensuring Quality of Life

  • Administering Efficient Government

Keeping Us Safe:

The Anaheim Police Department and Anaheim Fire & Rescue are committed to keeping Anaheim safe.  The departments have a total budget of $193.4 million, which includes service enhancements allowing the Anaheim Police Department to add 10 police officers and Anaheim Fire & Rescue to train an additional 15 firefighters. Furthermore, the five-year General Fund plan supports the addition of 10 police officers for each of the next three fiscal years.


The FY 2014/15 budget provides for continued support of the many resources to strengthen community policing and community outreach programs. It includes a focus on engaging youth through many programs such as Junior Cadets, Anaheim Police Explorers, Gang Reduction and Intervention Partnership (GRIP) and a new Public Safety Career Pathway for junior high school students. With a focus on their strategic plan, the Fire Department continues their efforts to repair and replace aging equipment and is committed to the delivery of high quality service to our community.


Providing the Necessities:

Providing the Necessities includes Public Utilities and Public Works departments that maintain the City’s infrastructures, including streets, sewers and City facilities, as well as Anaheim Public Utilities’ electric and water utility systems. Safe and efficient streets, competitive and reliable water and electric utilities and sanitation services are essential to creating and maintaining a vibrant and economically thriving community. The FY 2014/15 budget for Providing the Necessities totals $899.0 million, including service enhancements. Of this amount $289.4 million will be used to fund Capital Projects. Highlights include:


  • Linda Vista Reservoir and Pump Station, which can provide up to one-third of water needs for Anaheim customers on a daily basis.

  • The Anaheim Canyon Business District is undergoing a pedestrian improvement project, including urban greening and safe walkways. More than 32% of Anaheim’s jobs are located in this district.

  • Street and sewer improvements.


Ensuring Quality of Life:

Planning, Community Development, Community Services and Convention, Sports and Entertainment departments ensure quality of life in Anaheim. The Planning Department helps to plan and shape the economic and recreational balance of the City through building and planning review of new development; Community Development looks for ways to improve the community through economic development and affordable housing to create jobs and help those in need; Community Services provides open space and activities that allow for physical and mental stimulation to enhance the well-being of our citizens; and the Convention, Sports and Entertainment department provides premier venues to attract visitors to expand the economic base while providing residents the opportunity to enjoy quality sports and entertainment. The FY 2014/15 budget, including service enhancements, totals $270.1 million. Of this amount $26.7 million will be used to fund Capital Projects. Highlights include:


  • The Anaheim Convention Center and Public Utilities are partnering to complete a solar panel project. When completed later this summer, the project will be capable of producing enough electricity equal to powering 550 Anaheim homes.

  • The Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC) will open later this year.

  • Opening or renovation of parks and community centers, including two dog parks (at La Palma Park and Olive Hills Park), Paul Revere Park, Miraloma Park and Community Center, and Ponderosa Park, gym and family resource center.


Administering Efficient Government:

Administering Efficient Government includes City Council, City Administration, City Attorney, City Clerk and the City Treasurer. This group makes up only 7% of the General Fund budget, while it comprises only 1% of the total City budget. This functional group is largely supported by the General Fund and provides the leadership to carry out policies, provide legal defense and advice, financial investment of assets, and support vital record keeping functions of the City. The FY 2014/15 budget, including service enhancements, for Administering Efficient Government totals $18.6 million.


For more information on the City’s budget, please visit www.anaheim.net/finance.


For more information on the City of Anaheim, please visit www.anaheim.net

Media Contact: Ruth Ruiz 714.765.5060more city news


ABOUT ANAHEIM –The City of Anaheim, founded in 1857, is one of the nation's premier municipalities and is one of California's most populous and most visited cities. Anaheim covers 50 square miles with more than 351,000 residents and more than 2,900 City employees. The municipal corporation's annual budget is $1.7 billion. Anaheim supports a thriving business community with companies such as: Carl Karcher Enterprises, Inc.; L-3 Communications; Pacific Sunwear; and Disneyland Resort. Successful sports franchises call Anaheim home, including: Angels Baseball; Anaheim Ducks; the U.S. Men's National Volleyball Team, and the 2012 Olympic Games Silver Medal winning U.S. Women's National Volleyball Team. Anaheim also boasts world-class meeting and entertainment venues with: The Anaheim Convention Center, LEED-certified and the largest on the west coast; Honda Center; City National Grove of Anaheim; Anaheim GardenWalk; Angel Stadium of Anaheim; and ARTIC (Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center). In addition, Anaheim embraces its vibrant cultural arts community, including the world-renowned Anaheim Ballet. Annually, Anaheim welcomes more than 20 million visitors to the City, truly making it where the world comes to live, work and play. For more information, please visit www.anaheim.net.


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