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How to Read your Residential Bill Old

As a not-for-profit agency, Anaheim Public Utilities continues to offer residential rates 10 to 30% lower than competing utility providers. Below is a breakdown  of the key charges you will see on your bill. To get a true comparison of your cost savings, please remember that this bill typically covers a two-month period and encompasses charges for paramedic service, sewer, trash pick up, street sweeping, water, electric and other services. 

1. Customer Information

Your name, service location, and block number are located here. Your block number refers to a geographic section of the City primarily used to identify areas that may be impacted by rotating blackouts when they are ordered by the agency controlling California ’s electric grid system.


2. Account Information

Customer account number is the CUSTOMER ID-LOCATION ID

Your next meter read date and account identification numbers are located here. Each customer has two types of account identification numbers. First, there is a CUSTOMER ID that is specific to a person that established the account. The second is a LOCATION ID that is associated with your service address.

3. Meter Reading Summary

Your electric and/or water meter read information for the billing period is located here, including the billing dates of service, number of days in the billing period, meter number, the previous and current meter readings. Total consumption for electric is reflected as kilowatt-hours or kWh (one 100 watt light bulb burning for one hour equals 0.1 kWh,) and water is reflected in hundred cubic feet or HCF. (One HCF equals 748 gallons).

4. Summary of Current Charges


Your electric and water charges for the billing period are located here.

Most residential customers will see the following electric charges:

·         Customer Charge - base charge for providing a meter and associated services, such as meter reading and customer services.

·         Lifeline Usage - all residential customers get their first 270kWh electricity per month at a discounted, or Lifeline, rate. The Lifeline rate is approximately 57% less than the non Lifeline rate.

·         Non Lifeline Usage - this is all the electricity (kWh) consumed above your Lifeline allowance per month.

·         Underground Surcharge - recovers the cost associated with removing overhead electric facilities along major transportation corridors and placing this equipment underground.   

·         Rate Stabilization Account (RSA) - an adjustment made based on variable power and gas costs. This charge can go up and down as costs vary.

Most residential customers will see the following
water charges:

·         Customer Charge - base charge for providing a meter and associated services. Cost will vary depending on the size of the water meter.

·         Commodity – cost of water, stated in hundred cubic feet (HCF) x $.50 per HCF. One HCF equals 748 gallons.

·         Commodity Adjustment – water supply costs that are outside of the City’s control. This largely reflects the cost of buying water from external water wholesale providers, like the Metropolitan Water District (MWD) or the Orange County Water District (OCWD).


5. Yearly Comparison

These charts allow you to track your current usage and compare the amount used during the same time period as the previous year. These are helpful tools in monitoring your electric and water usage. You can identify usage patterns to help conserve electricity and water. To learn more about our conservation and energy efficiency programs, click here.

6. Other Charges


In this area, you may see a number of different charges depending on the type of service you receive. Below is a list of the charges that you may see:


·          Optional Service from the City of Anaheim

o    Paramedic Program – For $3.00 a month, the Paramedic Membership Program provides an alternative to the City's normal charge of $350 for Emergency Medical Services evaluation/care. The program covers your family at home or anywhere in the City. Business accounts cover your employees anywhere in the City while working. This program does not cover private ambulance company charges. For more information, contact the paramedicprogram@anaheim.net or 714.765.4060.

o    Additional Services from the City of Anaheim - managed by the Public Works Department, for more information please  contact at 714.765.6860.

o    Solid waste collection (trash pick-up) - provided for the City of Anaheim through a private contract with Anaheim  Disposal, Inc. 714.238.3300.

o    Storm drain and sewer maintenance

o    Street sweeping

·          Utility Service Charges or Credits

o    Service establishment - fee to establish new account

o    Miscellaneous fees may include:

§   Service restoration after shut off,

§   same day turn-on request

§   returned check, etc. 

o    GreenPower and/or SunPower - voluntary programs

·          State Mandated Charges

o    State Energy Resource Surcharge – a pass-through fee collected by the State of California for research into alternative sources of renewable energy.


7. Total Charges

Your total charges and balances for the current two month period can be found here.

8. Important Information

This section displays important messages from the City of Anaheim. Review this section to learn more about your account or Anaheim programs.

9. Payment Stub

Find out how much you owe and when payment is due. Remember that bills can be paid by mail, via telephone, through Pay Online, in person at 201 S. Anaheim Blvd, through the after-hour drop-off box at that same location. For more information, please call 714.765.3300, visit our Homepage online, or check out Manage your Account.