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Anaheim Public Utilities

operates the only municipal electric system in Orange County


Anaheim Public Utilities operates the only municipal electric system in Orange County. That means that the ratepayers of this community own their utility, and therefore, the key decisions concerning its operation can be made right here in Anaheim, in the best interest of our community. Anaheim has a long history of competitive electric rates, and residential rates currently average 10 to 30 percent less than in neighboring cities.


In addition to low rates, we operate one of the most reliable electric systems in the nation and have been recognized for our efforts with one of the nation's top awards by the American Public Power Association. Park Substation, one of our newest, features the latest gas insulated switchgear technology, allowing a compact design, which is built into a hillside and covered by a beautiful residential neighborhood park - the first station of its kind in the United States.


Anaheim Public Utilities’ electric resources are spread across the western United States and  currently consist primarily of coal and natural gas. As indicated by our Power Content Labels, we are expanding our resource mix to include renewable energy resources such as wind, solar, geothermal and landfill gas.


More than 1,500 circuit miles of wire distribute more than 2.6 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity annually to our retail customers across the roughly 50 square mile service area within Anaheim ’s city limits. The Electric System’s historical peak demand is 593 megawatts, set in July of 2006.


Offering a series of Advantage Services, Anaheim Public Utilities provides education, technical support and financial incentives to help customers improve the energy efficiency of their homes and businesses, thus saving electricity and money.


Anaheim Public Utilities' Electric System is one of California's top-rated electric utilities with a AA- credit rating.