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Small Business Energy Management Assistance Program

As an Anaheim small business, you can take control of your energy costs and help hold down electric rates by signing up for energy-efficiency measures now being offered. Anaheim Public Utilities is helping small businesses identify energy-saving opportunities, obtain more energy efficient equipment, implement energy efficient measures and strategies, save money on future monthly electric bills, and enhance that ever-important bottom line. The Small Business Energy Management System Program provides participating customers with free electrical-energy-use evaluations, retrofit funding, and installation assistance.

How the Program Works

  • Call 714.765.4259 to confirm eligibility or to sign up for a no-cost, no-obligation, on-site energy survey by an Anaheim Public Utilities representative.
  • We’ll complete a free energy use survey and recommend measures designed to improve the energy efficiency and the bottom line of your business.
  • At your direction our representative will make all of the necessary arrangements for a qualified supplier to implement the recommended measures you select, on a turnkey basis.
  • You pay the supplier directly for your portion, if any, of the charges. Anaheim Public Utilities will pay the balance.
  • Anaheim Public Utilities may contact you to conduct an on-site installation inspection.

Subject to available funds and program limits.

How your Business Benefits

Anaheim Public Utilities will help you to replace old and out-of-date equipment with equipment which is not only energy efficient, but able to reduce your operating costs. Anaheim Public Utilities can help to replace your old T12 fluorescent lights with new T8 lamps, electronic ballasts, and lighting controls. We’ll pay 75 percent of the installed cost (up to $5,000) per metered account. We can also replace your out-of-date thermostats with new programmable setback models – up to four per metered account - and tune up your air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. For many small businesses, air conditioning or refrigeration costs are a major share of monthly utility bills. We will pay for inspection and tune up of your systems – a great opportunity for you to improve their efficiency and reduce your operating costs.

Program Criteria

Anaheim small businesses, generally defined as privately owned (including sole proprietorships, partnerships, small corporations, or independent franchise operators) that receive electricity from Anaheim Public Utilities may qualify. Eligible customers will also be on Electric Rate GS-1 A or B (Rates 13, 14 or 19), and will have a monthly peak demand of less than 50 kW. The entire facility of an eligible business entity must qualify as a small business. Qualifying customer accounts must be current and non-delinquent.

How to Sign-Up

To confirm eligibility, receive information, or schedule your free inspection for the Small Business Energy Management Assistance Program contact Anaheim Public Utilities at 714.765.4259, during regular business hours (8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday through Friday). You may also e-mail your questions directly to our program representative.