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Report Outage / Outage Alerts


Outage Alerts

Receive outage alerts via email or text message any time there is a known power outage affecting your area:

PowerWatch - and
Anaheim Alert

Call 714-765-3300 to report a water / power outage or other problems with water and electrical equipment

Call 911 report a fire or medical emergency

  Report Water & Power Outage

  • Call 714.765.3300 to report a water and power outage or other problems with water or electrical equipment.
  • Call 911 report a fire or medical emergency.
  • Sign up to receive outage alerts from Anaheim Alert via email or text message any time there is a unplanned power outage affecting your area.
  • Click here to learn more about Anaheim's electric system reliability: Electric Reliability
  • To request services or report electric/water outages ONLINE

    Why is My Power Off

    City-wide blackouts are very rare, so if you are experiencing a power outage at your location it is probably due to a distribution wire or transformer problem. Common causes of power outages include car-hit power poles, Mylar balloons or animals shorting out power lines, trees falling on overhead power lines, equipment failure, or extreme weather such as wind or rain.

    If one of these problems should occur, the electric distribution system is designed to automatically isolate and de-energize the affected area and leave the balance of the system in service. We will know about outages affecting entire neighborhoods immediately through computer monitoring systems, but we may not be aware of small outages affecting only a few customers until we receive a call reporting the outage. Either way, our electric operations center is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to dispatch repair crews and restore service as soon as possible.

    Your Feedback is Appreciated
    Please know that we are making every effort to restore your power as soon as possible. If you were less than satisfied with our response to a power outage, or if you have questions or suggestions that you would like considered by executive management, please send an email to the Public Utilities Department's General Manager at  Sharewith-the GM.