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Residential Rehabilitation Loan and Energy Efficiency Grants Program

Providing affordable home improvements and lower utility bills

Funding for the Rehab Loan Program has been temporarily suspended and the City of Anaheim is currently unable to accept new applications. When funding becomes available, the program announcement will be posted on this Website.

Under this two-part program, eligible Anaheim homeowners can receive low-interest, home- improvement loans from Anaheim’s Community Development Department and grants from Anaheim Public Utilities, for energy-efficiency improvements. Loans of up to $60,000 at three percent interest can be used for rehabilitation improvements, such as exterior and/or interior painting, heating, plumbing, electrical upgrading and roofing. In addition, grants are available for up to $5,000 to provide free energy-efficiency enhancements, such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning repairs, high efficiency lighting retrofits, air conditioning compressor replacement, and home insulation.

How the Program Works

  1. Submit an application to the Community Development Department’s Neighborhood Preservation. After an interview and review of your application, you will be notified of approval by mail.
  2. If you are approved, a rehabilitation counselor will schedule an inspection of your home, discuss improvements that fall under the loan program and energy-efficiency enhancements that are eligible for the Anaheim Public Utilities grant. The grant is automatically available to all participants in the Rehabilitation Loan Program.
  3. The rehabilitation counselor will prepare a "Work Specification Sheet" including energy-efficiency improvements. With your approval, Neighborhood Preservation will seek bids from qualified contractors and assist you with contractor selection.
  4. Once you have entered into an agreement with the selected contractor, Neighborhood Preservation will prepare loan documents for your signature. Loans can be direct loans (you pay monthly payments for 15 years) or deferred loans (the loan is due and payable in full at the end of 15 years or upon sale of the property).
  5. Your rehabilitation counselor will issue a "Notice to Proceed" to the contractor and will visit your home periodically to monitor the quality of the work performed.

Program Criteria

The home must be owner-occupied. Participants must be income-qualified Anaheim Public Utilities residential electric customers. Energy-efficiency grants are available to current and past participants in the Rehabilitation Loan Program.


Household size









Household income









*Based on 80 percent of the Orange County Median Income Level. Adjusted Annually

For more information, call 714.765.4340, extension 4334, You may also e-mail your questions directly to our program representative. (Subject to available funding.)