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Public Notification of Amendment and Adoption of Renewable Portfolio Standard

In 2002, California established its Renewables Portfolio Standard Program, with the goal of increasing the percentage of renewable energy in the state's electricity mix to 20% of retail sales by 2017. In 2006, Senate Bill 107 codified California's 20% by 2010 RPS goal. Publicly owned utilities, like Anaheim Public Utilities, set their own RPS goals recognizing the intent of the legislature is to achieve the 20% by 2010 target. In response to SB 107, Anaheim Public Utilities established a goal of 20% RPS by 2015, which was approved by the Anaheim City Council per Resolution 2006-187.

In April 2011 new legislation, Senate Bill X1 2 (SBX1 2), was signed by Governor Brown requiring all utilities to meet a 33% Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) goal by 2020. By legislative mandate, Anaheim Public Utilities must adopt the new RPS goals of an average of 20% of retail sales from renewable resources for the period 2011-2013, 25% by the end of 2016, and 33% by the end of 2020. Each year Anaheim provides an update to the previous year’s RPS Policy which includes an updated Resources Procurement Plan and Enforcement Program. There is no change to the Resolution.

 - Resolution
 - Anaheim’s RPS Policy and Resources Procurement Plan