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Operating Budget and Capital Improvement Program Adopted FY 2004/05
A complete copy of the adopted 2004/05 City of Anaheim Operating Budget and Capital Improvement Program is available below. Each section is a downloadable Acrobat file (with a .pdf extension).

If you already have an Acrobat reader, simply download the file and use the reader to view it. If you do not yet have the Acrobat Reader, you can download it here from Adobe.

link to Adobe

Transmittal Letter from the City Manager iii
Definition of Terms Used ix

Executive Summary:
Executive Summary 1
City Profile 13
City Financial Information 17
Financial Management Policies 20
Directory of Officials 24
City of Anaheim Organization Chart 25
Summary of Full-Time Position Adjustments 26
Full-Time Position Comparison 27

Fund Summaries:
A Look at the Budget by Fund 31
   Expenditure Appropriations by Department 32
   Financial Sources and Uses 34
   Expenditures by Fund 40
   Projected Working Capital by Fund 43
General Fund Summary:
   General Fund Expenditures by Category 44
   General Fund Expenditures by Department 45
   General Fund Expenditures by Department and Category 46
   General Fund Net Discretionary Draw Analysis 47
   Ten-Year History of General Fund Expenditures by Department 48
   General Fund Revenues 50
   General Fund Revenues by Category 52
   General Fund Revenue Detail of Major Revenue Sources 53
   General Fund Transfers 57
   General Fund Summary 58
   Other General Purpose Funds 60
Special Revenue Funds:
   Gax Tax and Roads 62
   Workforce Development 64
   Community Development Block Grand (CDBG) 66
   Community Services Facilities 68
   Sewer and Storm Drain Construction 70
   Grants 72
   Anaheim Resort Maintenance District 74
   Narcotic Asset Forfeiture 76
   Housing Authority 78
   Redevelopment Housing Set-Aside 80
   Debt Service Funds 82
Capital Project Funds:
   Mello-Roos Project 84
   Redevelopment Agency 86
   Other Capital Improvements 88
   Anaheim Resort Improvements 90
Enterprise Funds:
   Electric Utility 92
   Water Utility 94
   Sanitation 96
   Golf Courses 98
   Stadium 100
   Convention Center 102
Internal Service Funds:
   General Benefits and Insurance 104
   Motorized Equipment 106
   Duplicating and Printing 108
   Information Services 110
   Office Maintenance and Equipment 112
   Fiduciary 114

Department Summaries:
   Department Summaries 117
   City Council 119
   City Administration 123
   City Attorney 135
   City Clerk 141
   City Treasurer 145
   Community Development 149
   Community Services 161
   Convention, Sports and Entertainment 173
   Finance 185
   Fire 201
   Human Resources 209
   Planning 215
   Police 227
   Public Utilities 239
   Public Works 251

Capital Improvement Program (CIP):
   Introduction 269
   CIP Funding Sources Summary 272
   Recreation/Parks 273
   Libraries 275
   Street Improvements 276
   Downtown Projects 280
   Wastewater 281
   Electric Systems 282
   Water Systems 286
   Commercial Entertainment Values 288